Unveiling Turtle X: Tokenized Real World Assets (RWA) Marketplace

6 min readDec 7, 2023

Turtle X will soon be launched by Metropolis Global in collaboration with Desmo Labs and Chuang-Zhu real-estate consulting company.

The world of real estate investment has long been the domain of the privileged few, with high entry barriers and limited access for retail investors. In addition, purchasing a real estate property has always been a slow if not painful process.

Turtle X leverages the power of blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency which allows for fractional ownership of real estate assets, speedy transactions, and traceable digital purchase record, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background. Our team of international real estate market and development experts navigates through the complex regulatory environments of each jurisdiction, conducts deep analysis to ensure each project listed on Turtle X is solid, to protect our users and provide them with the best investment opportunities in the region.

Blockchain-Powered Transactions:

TurtleX’s innovation is its utilization of blockchain technology. Blockchain ensures transparency, immutability, and security in every transaction on the platform. By employing smart contracts, TurtleX automates processes, streamlining real estate transactions and minimizing the need for intermediaries. Blockchain technology also facilitates fractional investments, allowing retail investors to participate in lucrative real estate opportunities that were traditionally reserved for larger players.

ERC-3475 Tokens for Real World Assets
TurtleX elevates the investment market by incorporating Desmo Labs’ ERC-3475 standard token, which allows the creation of tokenized obligations with abstract on-chain metadata storage. Issuing bonds and assets with multiple redemption data cannot be achieved with existing token standards.

  • This EIP enables each bond/asset class ID to represent a new configurable token type and corresponding to each class, corresponding bond nonces to represent an issuing condition or any other form of data in uint256. Every single nonce of a bond/asset class can have its metadata, supply, and other redemption conditions.
  • Bonds and assets created by this EIP can also be batched for issuance/redemption conditions for efficiency on gas costs and UX side. And finally, bonds and assets created from this standard can be divided and exchanged in a secondary market.

Digital assets on TurtleX represent ownership or rights in a tangible asset, providing investors with a verifiable digital certificate of ownership that is a tradeable unit in a secondary marketplace. This innovation not only adds a layer of uniqueness to investments but also enhances liquidity and transparency.

D/ Wallet

Digital assets are managed securely via D/Wallet, which offers a streamlined and compliant solution to manage your digital identity, verifiable credentials and digital assets. Key benefits include:

Simple Login — Users benefit from the strong encryption of digital signatures ensuring their data is protected, while the use of social log-ins simplifies the access process. This integration provides a seamless, yet highly secure user experience, reducing potential friction during the authentication process.

Verifiable Credentials — Our blockchain-based platform securely manages infrastructure without exposing credential-generating data, allowing access only to permitted participants, and ensuring all actions and business processes are tamper-proof, permanently recorded as blockchain transactions.

No Gas Fees — Eliminating the often fluctuating and unpredictable fees associated with blockchain operations, making it ideal for widespread adoption. Additionally, it simplifies the user experience by removing the need to manage gas fees, enabling users to focus on their transactions and interactions within the blockchain ecosystem.

D Wallet requires a browser extension that is compatible with most modern web browsers. You can learn more information about D Wallet here: https://d-wallet.desmolabs.org/

ESG Investing & Sustainability

TurtleX is committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing, and only offers investment opportunities in projects that meet its ESG standards. For the retail investor, TurtleX extends beyond the confines of a conventional marketplace. Instead, it stands as an open portal to the future of sustainable investing. By becoming a fractional owner of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) projects, your investment goes beyond mere returns and actively shapes a greener tomorrow. TurtleX invites you to become a stakeholder in blue and green development initiatives, your investment isn’t just a transaction, it’s a vote for profit and the planet’s well-being at the same time.

A Decentralized Opportunity Hub

TurtleX acts as a catalyst for project developers, providing them with immediate access to decentralized capital and a global community of investors. This decentralized approach not only mitigates financial risks but also accelerates development on a larger scale. Through TurtleX, real estate opportunities become accessible to a global investor community, creating a dynamic ecosystem where innovation and collaboration are the key players. This direct connection of developers and investors eliminates the need for traditional intermediaries, reducing financial risks and streamlining the project development and funding process.

Our Inaugural Venture: The Rooftop (RFTOP on Turtle X)

The Rooftop is a co-living community in Taipei, Taiwan where each resident becomes part of a curated experience. The rooftop offers an ambience designed to foster relaxation and rejuvenation. Each resident enjoys a comfortable private bedroom with a dedicated balcony, providing uninterrupted views and sunbathing opportunities. The communal space features a spacious shared area and a well-equipped kitchen, facilitating interaction and collaboration among tenants.

The superb location, convenience in commute and daily activities, and 24-hour security make Rooftop one of the most popular rental spots for expats and digital nomads in Taiwan. For investors, Rooftop (listed as RFTOP in TurtleX Marketplace) presents an enticing real estate investment option. The property boasts a high occupancy rate, promising steady returns up to 8%, it successfully attracts individuals from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds, fostering a multicultural, open, and inclusive community. And the best part, TurtleX offers fractional investment therefore, one doesn’t need to worry about hefty amounts being paid in traditional real estate and can choose what investment amount suits them best.

Rooftop is one of the first co-living projects in Taiwan, and the group behind it is Chuang-Zhu realtor. Chuang-Zhu, stands for “innovative builders”, believe that co-living is the future of living, and digital nomadism is the future of work. Metropolis is teaming up with them to build a co-living network and digital nomad villages in destinations like Taiwan and Palau. Our future projects will be soon featured on Turtle X as well, so make sure you stay tune.

Get Early Access:
TurtleX is currently inviting investors to join its allowlist by registering on TurtleX.xyz. Allowlisted investors will have early access to investment opportunities, and will also receive other benefits, such as discounts on fees, special membership NFTs for the cafe in the most beautiful place on earth that we are gonna build, and more. We anticipated that the project will be sold out very soon, so don’t miss out.

Lastly, why TurtleX?

We decided on turtles as the best emblem for our platform as turtles are nomadic marine animals that carry tiny homes with them wherever they go. They represent the digital nomad communities that we are aiming to serve. They are also the sacred animals of the Pacific Islands like Palau, exactly where we are focusing on. In addition, turtles are also our absolute fav — how can anyone not love them? If you are a little turtle, wanting a little piece of home so you can have places to stay when you travel around the world, join Turtle X!

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