TurtleX Takes Flight: A Look Back at Rooftop Launch and a Glimpse into the Tokenized Future

4 min readApr 13, 2024

TurtleX recently marked a milestone with the successful launch event featuring its first project on the platform, Taipei Bridge X Co-Living, known as “Rooftop.” This event, held on March 31st in Taipei, was a pivotal moment for TurtleX, a platform dedicated to tokenizing real-world assets.

Highlights of the Launch Event

The launch event brought together Web3 enthusiasts and real estate investors interested in innovation in the property market, buzzing with discussions about tech trends and how these innovations can enhance opportunities in real estate. Important speakers including our CEO Elaine Wang spoke about the future of real world asset tokenization and digital technology, and how TurtleX is pioneering with its approach to this sector.

Features of Rooftop (Token symbol on TurtleX: “RFTOP”)

The Rooftop project takes co-living to the next level. Located in Taipei, it features private bedrooms designed as individual retreats, each with its own balcony for unwinding and soaking in the cityscapes. To complement these private spaces, Rooftop boasts a generously sized communal area, fully equipped to encourage interaction and collaboration amongst residents. This creates a strong sense of community, something often missing in typical urban living arrangements. Rooftop has already been a very successful co-living project since its launch, boasting a 97.5–99% occupancy rate, and TurtleX is glad to share this opportunity on its platform. (Note, this is not available for US persons)

TurtleX and the Innovation of Tokenized Real Estate

TurtleX is emerging as a pioneer in its approach to the integration of blockchain tech. TurtleX fractionalizes property ownership and investment into digital tokens, democratizing access to real estate investment for a wider range of participants. Traditionally, high capital requirements have limited real estate investment opportunities. This fractionalization democratizes access to the market, enabling a broader spectrum of investors to participate previously restricted by high entry barriers.

Introducing the RFTOP Token

Investing in real estate is more accessible than ever with TurtleX’s RFTOP token. Priced at just 10,000 NTD per token (approx. ~$320 USD per unit, conversion done automatically with a small fee), investors can expect up to an 8% return on their investment, with quarterly payouts. With such a low entry threshold for participation, TurtleX is democratizing property investment and ensuring that it is attainable for a diverse range of investors.

Why Invest in RFTP Tokens?

  • Affordable Entry: Get into real estate investing without the high upfront costs.
  • Assured Returns: Enjoy up to an 8% return, making your investment work for you.
  • Democratizing Investment: Our tokens ensure that anyone, anywhere can own a piece of valuable real estate.
  • Exceptional Offline Support: A reliable team to support you and all your questions related to projects or the platform in general.

Vision for the Future

TurtleX is not merely navigating the future of real estate, we are actively creating it. Our vision extends beyond transforming property transactions. We aim to democratize real estate investment, making it as easy and accessible as buying stocks. As we expand our reach and refine our offerings to other types of real world assets, TurtleX will continue to bridge the gap between digital and physical, crafting a global community where everyone can thrive, and access opportunities beyond traditional borders.

With the successful launch of Rooftop and the enthusiastic response at the launch event, TurtleX is poised for a bright future. This innovative approach to co-living spaces combined with the democratization of real estate investment through tokenization opens many possibilities for where the TurtleX community and its related projects can go in the future.

Getting Started

To get started visit our website today Turtlex.xyz and apply for whitelisting, we will mail you your unique invite code, which can be used to access the platform and purchase your first RFTP token.

Please refer to this article in case you are having trouble navigating our website or you can also reach out to us directly via email: support@turtlex.xyz.

*Note: This product is not available for US persons.

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