The Metropolis Global Vision

2 min readNov 29, 2022

With nearly 8 billion people in this world, less than 200 total countries, and most people being restricted to only one option, we believe global citizens deserve more opportunities to choose the government services and solutions that suit them best. By providing an open marketplace with more options and economic mobility for individuals, we can create a more free, open and equal-opportunity world, thus unlocking greater human potential and advancing the cause of civilization on planet Earth.

Too many people are artificially restricted based on their country of birth, and may have limited mobility or economic opportunities as a result. We believe everyone deserves the ability to reach their full potential unrestricted by arbitrary barriers and are proud to work with governments who support our global vision to increase access and opportunities for citizens around the world.

At Metropolis Global, we envision a world where citizens everywhere can gain access to the governmental products and services offered by our sovereign partners.

We see that public products and services are a sector ripe for disruption and growth. By streamlining high-demand products like identity and business services and breaking them out of their traditional silos, there will be a net improvement in quality of services for individuals and efficiencies for governments.

In parallel, opportunities will open up for smaller governments to provide services to a global marketplace, thus enabling those governments to compete for global market share. This environment of healthy competition among jurisdictions leads to better outcomes for all. More choices, better services, and a dynamic environment for governance innovation free from stagnation.

Metropolis has been working with Palau, a Pacific Island nation, to help transform its tourism-based economy to a technology-based economy, and is forming a Digital Nation Alliance (DNA) that welcomes sovereign partners aligned with this global vision. We will have more announcements for the Digital Nation Alliance in the coming weeks. Our fundamental goal will be to create alignment among a geographically diverse set of participants that are experimenting with new governance models around the world and to build trusted partnerships that strengthen our collective movement.

We are in the early stages of product development and plan to roll out our first product within the next few months, you can be the first to access our platform when it launches by signing up for our newsletter at