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3 min readJan 15, 2024


You may have wondered after reading a few of our blog posts: What is Metropolis doing exactly and what are the latest developments?

Metropolis works closely with Pacific Island Nations on designing new governance programs for the global digital nomad communities. Founded by three international digital nomads and ocean lovers, Metropolis wants to empower the otherwise remote island nations to diversify their economy, connect them to the world, and create geography-agnostic governmental services and products for global citizens.

As we embark on a new year, we would like to reflect on our 2023, and to share a few exciting updates for 2024.

Looking back, we have grown our team by 3x, onboarded new advisors and investors, raised a seed round, and participated in international conferences worldwide advocating for our initiatives, including a panel at the United Nations Science Summit in NYC.

We have been working on several initiatives in Palau for the past year, including organizing and hosting the inaugural Palau Blockchain Summit with the theme “Navigating the Future: New Governance and Sustainability”. It was the first-ever blockchain conference in the whole of Pacific Micro-Island Nations. About 60 experts including Vitalik Buterin flew in, and hundreds of local Palauans attended. Government officials from neighboring island nations such as the Marshall Islands and CNMI all made their appearance. This event was a huge success, and opened the door for 20+ initiatives and collaborations for the region.

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Building beyond 2023, we have a few exciting new developments and initiatives:

Multiple Nations for Digital Transformation

Many countries now recognize that governments need to innovate to attract the expanding digital nomad communities and their business activities. We have been developing new programs for multiple jurisdictions, each customized for their specific needs while leveraging their strategic advantages. Every country is unique in its own culture, key strengths, and economic focus. We will announce these programs in the future as we roll them out.

X Corporations

A product that we’ve been developing is our X Corporations framework. This modular system follows a “law as code” design philosophy for corporate formation and supports principles of portability by enabling compatibility across jurisdictions, truly enabling a host nation to be geography agnostic.

TurtleX Platform for Tokenized Real World Assets

Transparent and tokenized asset ownership will be an important piece of digital infrastructure for new hubs. Metropolis is soon launching TurtleX, a digital and tokenized real estate investment marketplace for the Pacific Island region, developed in collaboration with Desmo Labs that allows for the trading of real world assets such as property and other similar assets on-chain. Tokenization allows fractional ownership and investment for otherwise large assets, and serves as a bridge to connect the digital communities to the physical world.

Virtual Metropolis Hubs

Our overarching vision is to connect these products and services as part of the infrastructure for a collection of Virtual Metropolis hubs, digitally empowered nation states, autonomous zones, and city states that leverage new governance technologies, and provide world class digital services to global citizens through a connected marketplace. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on our vision for these Virtual Metropolis hubs.

We have more products that are in the pipeline, and will announce them when they’re ready. 2024 will be a huge year for us. As we grow and scale up, these initiatives can help jurisdictions be the digital business or investment hubs. Soon we will re-define what a true Network State project would look like.

Stay tuned!

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